Monday, July 12, 2010

SS12 and Monte Baldo SP3 -Verona/Trento-

piss on the wall at your own risk

"your engine is healty!" --

ss12 "Val d'Adige" very sweet road. Do it in the early morning if you can and beware of those who think they can ride like Valentino Rossi.

Then, after Peri take the road for Avio and follow indications for Brentonico.
Here the road is pretty and narrow and air is fresh

...and nature at its best...

no one around's fantastic if you roll at 30mph checkin' every detail out.

Number of this road: Sp3


If you like hicking, this part of the Baldo Mountain is the deal: these are indications for paths

Very nice panoramic view of the Garda Lake fron this bar: well..the pic below sucks because of the gloomy heat there was down in the lake. But the view is killer

Thanx FTW crew to let me join your site and let me share some cool roads and infos to all those who love motorcycle riding


  1. Hi mates! Sorry for putting it in comments, but I want to ask if any of You knows this bike owner?

  2. hi klem I don't know whose bike is this!